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Birth Support Consultation


Birth doulas provide safe and consistent care that uplifts you emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually throughout your pregnancy and transformation to parenthood. As your doula, I am available to listen to you, provide education and knowledge, model comfort techniques, and support your birth goals with optimal practices. My role is to support your wishes and I plan to empower you in the entire perinatal journey

Services include:
- Prenatal communication including advice and suggestions
- 1:1 prenatal care meetings discussing labor prep and coaching, as well as postpartum recovery
- Individualized care containing educational resources and tools
- Comprehensive referrals and local resources
- Attendance of a healthcare prenatal appointment of your choosing, at request
- Continuous emotional and physical support during labor and birth
- Advocacy and non-judgmental support of your choices
- Immediate breast/chest or bottle feeding support
- Postpartum follow-up to discuss your birth, tell stories, and support your wonderful baby!

Investment of $1700
*Sliding scale and payment plans available upon request. *

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