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Let's Plan Your Birth Journey Today


Welcome Mama

My mission is to stand by you on this magical journey from conception through after your baby's arrival.

Every birth is beautiful and unique.

It is my calling to uplift your whole self during this sacred transition and support you walking into your truest power.

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Birth doulas provide safe and consistent care that uplift you emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually through your pregnancy and transformation to motherhood. As your doula I am available to listen to you, provide education and knowledge, model comfort techniques, and support your birth goals with optimal practices. 

Birth Doula Support

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Postpartum is often described as the fourth trimester, I believe it is a sacred new journey. I practice 'mothering the mother'  and offer hands on support for your transition to parenthood. This is an educator and support role! Postpartum support includes physical, emotional, and informational guidance after birth.

Tarot *coming soon

Postpartum Support

Arlene is a novice Taroista and has been pulling cards since 2018. She is an intuitive healer who explores the themes of Tarot for guidance to life's many questions, circumstances, and obstacles.
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Reiki ("universal" and "life force") is a healing energy that offers peace, comfort, and relaxation to the mind, body, and spirit. It may reduce pain or discomfort and often is described as a warm glowing sensation. This is is an in-person offering up to 10 miles from Beverly, or anywhere in the world for distance Reiki. 


New Wave Perinatal Services is centered on the village.

As a Black woman and the daughter of Caribbean immigrants, my birth philosophy focuses on holistic and comprehensive care to all of my clients. I believe in the science and magic of our humanity and feel called to support families during their most intimate and powerful transitions in life. I'm honored to combine my roles as educator and doula to be a pillar of support for my community.

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Accepting clients throughout 2023!

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