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Birth is transformative, powerful, and emotional
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your birth.  your story. your way

New Wave Perinatal Services centers Full Spectrum doula philosophy and was created from my calling to walk with women during life's transitions. In my offerings for birth and postpartum support my goal is to equip you with self-advocacy skills, knowledge, and comfort. My job as your doula is to provide comprehensive education that makes you prepared, confident, and ready to meet your little one.  

I will be there for you as an advocate, emotional anchor, and guide throughout your entire experience. Doula care is holistic and meant to aid your entire well-being. During labor, you and your partner are cared for completely and provided knowledge, resources, and recommendations. Throughout the perinatal process you are supported mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The Mission
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Authentic Birth

What is a doula?

A doula offers individualized care during the labor process and beyond. My calling is rooted in the wish to support women's autonomy and strength. I am dedicated to the care and support of all birthing people and hope to empower them to make educated decisions. Research shows that doula support can positively impact outcomes such as:

- decreased risk of preterm birth and complications

- improved patient satisfaction and self-efficacy

- increased healthy maternal and newborn outcomes

- support parent-baby bonding and breastfeeding

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breastfeeding support
partner & sibling support


personalized care and information

What To Expect

resources to aid you through a safe birth 


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Birth Doula Support

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Postpartum Support

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